MysTech 2024 Conference:  The Mysteries of Light

Online August 8-11, 2024

The Mysteries of Light

In the heart of summer, as the Perseid meteor showers adorn the night sky with their celestial dance, MysTech convenes its 8th annual conference. This gathering, entirely online, beckons explorers from every corner of the globe to delve into the luminous enigma that binds science, art, and spirituality: the Mysteries of Light.

A Symphony of Light: Following the harmonic echoes of our previous theme on Resonance and the Mysteries of Sound, we turn our gaze upwards and inwards to the radiant spectrum that illuminates both our universe and our inner selves. This year, we invite you to journey with us through the prismatic facets of light, exploring its manifestations from the etheric whispers to the tangible brilliance that paints our world.

Illuminating the Path: At MysTech, we envision a future where technology not only coexists with humanity but also resonates with the moral fabric of our beings. Our discourse on light aims to unravel how this primal force weaves through the tapestry of our existence, influencing thought, matter, and spirituality.

A Confluence of Minds and Souls: Anticipating the participation of 200 kindred spirits, our online forum will serve as a crucible for transformative ideas. Through keynotes, workshops, and discussions, we will probe into the essence of light, asking:

  • How does light bridge the realms of science, art, and religion?  
  • Could the study of consciousness find its metaphor in the illumination of the world?  
  • In what ways does light manifest across different planes of existence?  
  • How do we comprehend the alchemy of light transforming into matter, energizing thought, and interacting with the electrical and spiritual?

Featured Luminaries and Themes:

  • Andrew's Overview: Setting the stage for our exploration into the vast and varied dimensions of light. 
  • Matthias Rang: Unraveling the physical foundations and quantum mysteries of light. 
  • Noetic Institute Speaker: Bridging the gap between scientific inquiry and spiritual enlightenment. 
  • Ashton Arnoldy: Navigating from the outer reaches of cosmic light to the inner realms of consciousness.

Interactive and Enlightening Experiences:

  • Engage with the philosophical and practical questions of light alongside Matthias Rang. 
  • Explore the applications of light in new thought paradigms with Dave Mansur. 
  • Experience the ethereal through Eurythmy Workshops, led by Cynthia Hoven. 
  • Join Ashton Arnoldy as he traverses the evolution and morphology of consciousness through light.

Join Us in the Quest for Illumination:

This August 8-11, as the meteors streak across the sky, let us gather in the virtual realm to contemplate, discuss, and celebrate the mysteries of light. Your presence will add to the collective brilliance as we seek answers to age-old questions and envision a future where technology serves as an extension of our highest ideals.

Set Forth on a Journey of Discovery: Together, we will shine a light on the mysteries that surround and dwell within us, not just to understand the physical phenomenon of light but to embrace its profound implications for our world and ourselves.

Register now to secure your place in this unique confluence of minds and spirits, eager to illuminate the mysteries of light.

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