This second webinar squarely confronts the notion of “intelligent” technology. By attending this, you will learn:

Thinking: the possibility of self-determining the next thought and free will. Searle’s Chinese Room. Machines will never think in the human sense, and they will never have free will. 

 Sensations and feelings: individuality and subjectivity. Machines will never have sensations and feelings. 

 Mind: thinking, feeling and willing and the role of the physical brain. Consciousness and self-consciousness. Intelligence and the Turing Test. Electronic chess and Kurzweil’s prophecies. 

 New classifications of intelligence and “Artificial Intelligence”. Should AI mean “Artificial Intelligence” or “Automated Imbecility”?  

Machine Learning: implementation, the new programming paradigm, social problems. Man-machine symbiosis and the “singularity”. 

 The films Artificial Intelligence (by Spielberg) and The Bicentennial Man (by Columbus) and their absurdities. The dangers of considering humans and living beings as machines and how to reverse this trend.Enter your bullet points here..

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